How to load easily POI in Google Earth, follow step by step the guide below :
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Step 1 : Download POI

Save the file corresponding to the POI you want to load into Google Earth (kml file).

Step 2 : Check / Change file extension

Your Internet browser may save the kml file as a xml file

If so, change the extension of the file you downloaded to kml file

Step 3 : Launch Google Earth

Launch Google Earth, select the correponding menu item in the Start menu

Note : If you do not find the icon of Google Earth, download from the Google Web site and install the application before continue.

Step 4 : Load your POI in Google Earth

Select The folder where you saved the POI file at the step 1 (kml file).

Step 5 : View the POI in Google Earth

The POI are loaded in Google Earth and immediately visible.

You can use all the tools of Google Earth to see and manipulate the POI.

Note : After loading POI, Google Earth does a zoom level mmaximum that allows you to view all at the same time.

You can dowload this POI loader guide (Adobe PDF file) : GO2POI-GoogleEarth-en.pdf

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