How to load easily POI into tomtom GPS, follow step by step the guide below :
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Step 1 : Download POI

Save the two files corresponding to the POI you want to load into yous GPS (ov2 and bmp files).

Step 2 : Connect your GPS to your computer

turn off your GPS, then plug it to your computer
Once the connexion done, turn on your GPS.

Note : You can use the USB cable to connect your GPS

Warning : Do not unplug your GPS during the connection with computer

Step 3 : Copy the POI from your computer

Open the folder where you saved the ov2 and bmp files at step 1

Copy these two files

Step 4 : Paste the POI into your GPS

Select the folder of the maps

Paste the two POI files in the map folder

Step 5 : View the POI on your GPS

The POI are now loaded into your GPS.

Your can turn off and unplug your GPS from your computer

To view the POI, turn on your GPS and select your categories of POI.

Note : even if you choose not to permanently display the POIs, you can reach them and find them near where you are.

You can download this POI Loader Guide (Adobe PDF file) : GO2POI-tomtom-en.pdf

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